KONASPI IX/2019; KAPOLRI Talks About Education Progress and Religious Issues

KONASPI IX/2019; KAPOLRI Talks About Education Progress and Religious Issues
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Padang—The Advancement of education in Indonesia should learn from Singapore. The budget of education in Singapore is more than 30 percent, so that the youngest generation in Singapore has given the opportunity to achieve a good education.

“The student who studied in Singapore they will return to Singapore again, and they can build a better country,” explained the National Police Chief of Indonesia, Tito Karnavian in delivering his material to the National Convention of Indonesian Education (KONASPI) IX-2019 at Auditorium Universitas Negeri Padang on Thursday (March 14, 2019).

Tito demands to a thousand lecturers who were present at KONASPI IX/2019 to participate in successes the election on April 17, 2019. The lectures are one of the hopes for better democracy in Indonesia. Furthermore, Tito also explained the lectures was able to deliver positive things to society.

The commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, Hadi Tjahjanto SIP, Regional Police (Polda) of West Sumatra, and Governor of West Sumatra also attended the KONAPSI IX/2019. National Police Chief of Indonesia, Tito Caravan explained that we have to ask that all differences in Indonesia be addressed wisely. and the differences become potential to trigger conflict. Meanwhile, Tito presents the different context can trigger the conflict, such conflict of religions.

“We should be honest without intending to blame the current government in the period of 1945 until 74 years. We have not been able to change the image of people and Indonesia as the Republic of Indonesia must be upheld to reduce the conflict and NKRI must always be upheld to reduce conflict.” added Tito Karnavian

“One of the biggest blessings of God is this nation is still intact for up to 74 years and our country can still be united within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia, even though there has been turmoil in several places, but still in our control”, said Tito Karnavian (Public Relation of UNP)