Mahfud MD Reminds the Critical Pedagogy to Participants of KONASPI IX

Mahfud MD Reminds the Critical Pedagogy to Participants of  KONASPI IX
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Padang—Mahfud MD as member of the Steering Committee of the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP) demands all academics in 12 Indonesia Education Higher Education Institutions (LPTKN) to continue the implement of critical pedagogy learning, so that the quality of learning can helps the future generation has good character and high productive capability

“In industrial revolution 4.0, critical thinking is very important in our daily life. Furthermore, critical thinking can help people solve the problems and ability to make decision selectively,” said Mahfud MD in front of participants of Indonesia Education National Convention (Konaspi) IX.

In addition, Mahfud MD as a deputation of the head of BPIP Megawati Soekarnoputri as speaker in KONASPI IX said that the education pattern must be changed to follow the condition in industrial revolution 4.0. The politicians have a great responsibility to improve the quality of education. Furthermore, the politicians who enter the Parliament have the opportunity to make a law. The existence of policies in making laws guide the policies and patterns of critical education must be developed at this time. At least starting from the high school level to the university. Meanwhile, at the high school level, students must apply the critical education pattern, so those students are not afraid to give an opinion and education require the changes of fundamental structural in political economy of society. The assumption of globalization is able to change economic, political, social and cultural with a very definite process of education in the 21st century. (Public Relation of UNP)