UNP Extends Collaboration with Kejati of West Sumatra, Priyanto Gives Socialization Types of Corruption Crimes

UNP Extends Collaboration with Kejati of West Sumatra, Priyanto Gives Socialization Types of Corruption Crimes
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Padang-- High Prosecutor (Kejati) of West Sumatra has signed an extension of cooperation with Universitas Negeri Padang in dealing the civil law and administrative. The extension of commitment is outlined in the memorandum of understanding between two leaders on the 4th floor of Rectorate and Senate Research Center Building Meeting Room on Tuesday (March 19, 2019).

The Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang, Prof. Ganefri said the presence of high Prosecutor (kejati) of West Sumatra is for extending the cooperation and information which can be detrimental to Indonesia. Furthermore, Priyatno asserted that he appreciated the hard work of the Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri in optimizing the progress of the Universitas Negeri Padang. He believes that Prof. Ganefri is capable of carrying the tasks of TriDharma of Higher Education such as teaching, research, and community service.

“This partnership is to optimize the implementation of their respective duties, functions, resolving the problems of civil law, state administration, improving the vision and mission of UNP become one of the superior universities in Southeast Asia,” said Priyanto after signing the MoU.

In addition, Priyanto also added, through the collaboration the hhigh pprosecutor of West Sumatra as mediator and facilitator agreed to provide the legal assistance and consideration to Universitas Negeri Padang. The Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri as the leader in realizing the mandate of Universitas Negeri Padang into concrete work programmers. The reputation and work of UNP have been respected among the 12 of teacher education colleges (LPTK) and other educational institution. The success of KONASPI IX/2019 proves that Prof. Ganefri as the leader is able to manage the big event KONASPI in Ranah Minang,” said Priyanto who was also present at the opening of KONASPI IX in UNP.

Priyanto also gave an understanding of the corruption in accordance with law no. 31 of 1999 UU no. 20 of 2001 to the rector, vice rector, head of faculties, head of bureaus, and Head section of Universitas Negeri Padang. Meanwhile, Priyanto, Yuswandi, Intel’s assistant has explained the detailed on thirty forms or types of corruption both actions that harm the state’s finance, bribery case and embezzlement in position. (Public Relation of UNP).