Meaning of The Logo

Logo UNP

Emblem the University consists of elements that absolute and relative which is implies :

  1. Absolute shape (circle) means University always stood firmly on scientific truth,struggling and thriving based on the truth.
  2. Shape relative (other forms) means the university has always received the truth from wherever it comes from, as well as developing a mission in accordance with the task in hand.
  3. The circle represents the bore University human resources faithful and devoted, academic ability and professional quality based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.
  4. The wings represent the University of dynamic, creative and innovative in carrying out its mission.
  5. Three books were composed tiered symbolizes Tri Dharma College.
  6. Fire lit pedestal symbolizes the intellectual and enlightened life and development of society, the nation and the state.


Coat color
University emblem emitting color:

  1.  Black means
  2. Blue means profound and coolness.
  3.  Yellow means greatness and majesty ideals.
  4.  Red means the dynamic, creative, innovative and always open to renewal.

White means purity and sincerity