Vision and Mission


To become a leading and outstanding university, based on devotion to God, competing globally in the fields of educational sciences, science, technology, sport, language and arts in South East Asia, by 2020.


  1. To perform quality of education in the field education, science, technology, sports, and art based on devotion to God
  2. To conduct research and disseminating knowledge, research and innovative learning at national and international levels
  3. To organize society actvities as an effort to applyeducation, science, technology, sports, and art for the nation’s progress
  4. To improve governance system of the University
  5. To improve colaboration of local, national, and international
  6. To expand and implement the policies to aim one of the International University


  1. To produce professionals who moral and religious education, science, technology, sports and arts
  2. To generate the graduates who are competitive and adaptive toward changes environment global
  3. Creating an intelligent student, polite, healthy physically, and spiritually.
  4. Produce the scientific work and innovative learning model
  5. Spread out of science, research, and learning model at the national and international level.
  6. To increase the quantity and quality of implementation education, science, technology, sports and arts thorugh dedication of society
  7. To help society in solving social problems by utilize research results.
  8. The realization of good governance (good university governance).
  9. Implementation of quality service according to customer requirements.
  10. Establishment of cooperation at the local, national, and international.
  11. The realization of superior universities in Southeast Asia in 2020.
  12. Establishment of an academic culture that global perspective



“alam takambang jadi guru”

The motto means that academicians Padang State University is always responsive and proactive to the environment